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You may ask what is PWA and why PWA?

The PWA stands for Progressive Web App. It is a website looks like an App. But you don't have to install anything. It loads instantly. Sends notification. You can read the pages of the website in offline etc.,. I contacted few programmers but they said they will charge from $20k to higher for completing a website. Now I just watching youtube videos whether I can create a one by myself.

If you want to know how a PWA website looks like then you can try the following websites.

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I don't know anything about this, but it seems like it's more expensive than it's worth.

Dan TheOtherTink



I will join. I would like to test a new website. 

Kninjanin Kninjanin

I joined to Reddit. I like it. I can share links, photos, videos and posts. I can post on my profile or discussion boards. I like websites like Pinterest, Reddit, Flipboard and Mix. 


I think that maybe you should try to convert this one if you so desire. Although I like it as it is, I think it might just be easier to convert this one.
I don't your reasoning for this but 20K is a lot of money for an experiment but I would give it a look see and see if I like it.

You should know by now that some sites get popular and then fade away, so please keep that in mind.

Don't get a new site, it isn't worth it, fix this one instead.