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There is an Android App called Pivot which gives free bitcoin for reading posts. If you are interested then you can download the App from my referral link - http://chaturbate-token-value.mobie.in

Once you create your account in the App, you can see many posts. Click one of them and scroll down and you can see the phrase "Get Read Power". Which gives you 100 points. You can do it on the other posts also and can get 100 points for each of them. You can collect 2000 points per day as a maximum. The points will be converted into bitcoin at GMT/UTC +0 hours.

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Sounds interesting but I just don't have the time to really study it.


If we don't need to invest to Bitcoin, it is good.


How do they know you really read the posts?

Do you have to answer them?  Or are they only interested in the number of hits for advertisers?

Dan TheOtherTink

The bitcoin given by the App is way too low. They give 25,000 USD every day but it is shared between a lot of people. There doesn't seem to be any ads on the App. But the App is filled with news posts from various websites about Bitcoins.

One have to hit the "Share Read Power" under different posts to get 100 points for each of the posts. Can do it for 20 posts. There are also other tasks but the amount they give is not worth the time.

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink

It figures.  :D