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I found a new email service https://m.kuku.lu/. I created an account and I can create unlimited email adresses on my account. This service enables sending and receiving messages and does not ask for personal information. I like it.

I also use https://mail2world.com/, https://www.eclipso.eu/, https://tutanota.com/ and https://www.net-c.com/?domain=net-c.com.

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No, I know some but they have pretty crappy ratings and we have tried a couple and they sucked. So, for once I listened to the old man and got AT&T service for our phones, TV and Internet. Have no problems with it at all and I'm out in the sticks!

I don't know if   has AT&T in his country.



No, but I haven't looked.

I have more email accounts than I know what to do with anyway. :D