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These are just a few of many, many things wrong with society:

In Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, some people are building buildings in Wascana Park (the city park), grrr... Please leave mother nature, Alone!  It is just going to make Climate Change worse, in my opinion. Also, some people are building unnecessary overpasses and things on highways, near Regina, another grrr... I understand highway needing repairs but these overpasses and things are not necessary. Some overpasses are needed, but not the ones I am talking about here.

In Saskatoon, yes, the same province, on Broadway Avenue, which is a very popular place to be there. There is an important (to the people) mural on the wall, that is going to be blocked off, by a new condo, another grrr... If you need to build another condo, which knowing Saskatoon, is more than big enough already, build it, away from Broadway Avenue, but no they decided to build it there. Good grief! 

The society acts like they care about the poor, but not that much. I heard that people who need the food bank don't get very much there, anymore, for example. I briefly read an article that wasn't the easiest to understand, that they plan to make cities more sustainable, I wonder what that really means, seriously. I don't trust the news that much. Saskatchewan has the highest rate of homelessness rate in Canada.

Don't get me started on care homes for seniors and the disabled, especially the ones that 'are affordable'.

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Unfortunately? You'll find these same kind of things all over the States and other countries. Sad it is but people just don't seem to care about much of anything any more.

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There can be no doubt that the planet presently has more people than it can sustain indefinitely. Humans have caused massive reductions in wildlife and massive damage to the environment, which will inevitably lead, eventually, to a catastrophic collapse of the human population. This is what always happens with any species that outstrips its environment's ability to support it.

Humans, however, would be uniquely able to avert the catastrophe by population control, if they are wise enough to do it. If births were limited to one child per fertile woman, world population could be reduced to about one billion in about 100 years, a figure that the Earth could support indefinitely. So thereafter, an average of 2.1 children would maintain the population.

If we don't do something like this, Mother Nature will do it for us, in MUCH more unpleasant ways.

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It is very sad.

Thank you for your reply.