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The jury that awarded the bakery slandered by Oberlin College $11 million in compensatory damages, has now awarded an additional $33 million in punitive damages plus legal fees.

Of course, Oberlin will not have to pay that much, because Ohio law limits punitive damages to twice the compensatory damages, and of course those academic scoundrels will probably appeal, and try to keep the case tied up for years.

But in any case, this will damage Oberlin's reputation for years to come. Richly deserved, I might add.


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I agree! I hope it hurts them for years to come.

Of course they'll do their best to pay as little as possible and sweep this under the carpet.

I really wonder about people sometimes!

TheOtherTink Hitman


TheOtherTink Hitman

You don't have to wonder about arrogant academics.

Their arrant PC nonsense is as predictable as the sunset. :D