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It would be interesting to use the alphabetic order, starting with A, for instance the

Akashi Kaikyō Bridge in Kobe, Japan


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Platinum Platinum
Marianne Platinum
Lol - I heard a lot about the Gateshead Millenium Bridge, it is really amazing!
Didge Platinum
What an astonishing bridge. I'm gonna chase that up on the Net and have a closer look.
Marianne Platinum
Hello, Platinum - you have some bridges starting with "I" in Great Britain. Would you accept to continue?
Marianne Platinum
Hello, Didge, would you like to add some of your preferred Australian bridges?
The "I" is on.

One of the world's most amazing bridges, and one of the most recent, is the Oresund Bridge connecting Denmark and Sweden. It's a little over 16 km in length and is part bridge and part tunnel which are connected by an artificially constructed island.

Marianne Didge
Lol - over the Øresund Bridge or by ship,
Scandinavia is worth the trip !

Didge Didge
Hah! That sounds like a travel slogan. :)

I planned a trip to Finland in 1989 to compete in the World Veteran Games but, unfortunately, I had run too many marathons in too short a time and my knees collapsed. I never made it. My failure to visit Scandinavia remains one of my regrets.
Marianne Didge
I am sure that you can find a way to visit Scandinavia - perhaps with family members - provided that you have enough free time.  

On my side, a planned trip to Japan with a group of colleagues failed, because we were too few to benefit of the proposed, affordable flat rate for groups.

Okay I can continue with B

Batman Bridge (North of the Australian state Tasmania)

Marianne amberleechoo
Thank you, Amberleechoo! An excellent idea.
Didge amberleechoo
Tasmania also boasts Australia's oldest bridge still in use -- the Richmond Bridge, built in 1825:

But the oldest bridge on the mainland is actually in my own street and less than a mile from my home. It's the Lennox Bridge and was built in 1833 (I wasn't living here then.)
Marianne amberleechoo
That is really interesting!

Capilano suspension bridge (not for the acrophobic)

Marianne TheOtherTink
Wow, impressing - thank you, TheOtherTink!
Didge TheOtherTink
As an acrophobic myself I would love to walk that bridge myself. (I keep setting myself challenges to try to beat the phobia and, although it's weakening, I've never really beaten it.) Even looking at the picture I can feel it's height tugging at my gut.
TheOtherTink TheOtherTink
YW, Marianne! :-)
TheOtherTink TheOtherTink
I think nearly everyone has some degree of acrophobia (except the people that work building skyscrapers).

I find that looking straight ahead along your immediate path helps in situations like that. And not looking down to either side.
Marianne TheOtherTink
That is the best way indeed. I agree with TheOtherTink.
Virginia TheOtherTink

Capilano Suspension Bridge? O'Tink, that is in Vancouver British Columbia...is it not the same one?


To go on with the


Devil's Bridge (there are quite a few, for instance a medieval bridge in Italy, the Ponte del Diavolo, Lanzo Torinese)


Didge Marianne
Very much like this one.
Marianne Marianne
There are quite a few more - and we have also our Devil's Bridge.
Tiger Paws

Elk River Suspension Bridge West Virginia USA

Marianne Tiger Paws
Thank you, Tiger Paws - at least it does not look so high - lol.
Tiger Paws Tiger Paws
But very scary
Marianne Tiger Paws
Indeed - lol.

Forth Bridge, Scotland


Marianne bekyoo
Sorry Rebs, you were too late - would you like to try a bridge name which starts with G?
bekyoo bekyoo
Oh okay, saw that now and I will change it.
Marianne bekyoo
Thank you, Rebs - good answer!

Harbour Bridge, Sydney


(my own picture)

Didge Marianne
Nice pic. I know where you must have been standing -- on a small peninsula called Mrs MacQuarie's Chair. It has a walking track around it that follows the waterfront for several kilometres. I (like hundreds of other people) used to run it's length and back every lunch time. Good memories.

I posted this pic somewhere recently (I hope it wasn't here). It shows Mrs Didge and me on top of the Harbour Bridge with three of our grand daughters. (It was taken ten years ago. Two of the girls have since married and, between them, have three children of their own.)

Marianne Marianne
Wow - I remember the views quite well, although I was not so high up - lol.
As to the site, it was indeed near Mrs MacQuarie's Chair and the Botanical Garden, i.e. the Royal Botanical Garden.

I could not insert another picture; it is easier to enter an URL from the web than one's own pictures ...
Didge Marianne
I copied that to the public folder of my Dropbox account then inserted the link to that. (Dropbox will give you about 4 Gb of free storage but after that you need to pay for it.) Very useful.
Marianne Marianne
I am using Picasa, and it does not work on this site, it only provides a link.
But I am not really familiar, as there have been several changes.
Marianne Marianne
And, it is also like you said, on the main answer, it works; only the additional comments and private messages are causing these complications with external links.

I hope that you will add more names of bridges ...

Inwa Bridge, Myanmar