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23:00 pm-02:00 am for me.
Tiger Paws amberleechoo
Maybe 2:00am?
There is no 14:00am
amberleechoo amberleechoo
Oh I thought I wrote 02:00 am. I change that then.
Platinum amberleechoo
That's only three hours....I would be falling asleep every hour...
Tiger Paws amberleechoo
Tiger Paws
Only sleep 3/4 hours a night
So anywhere from 1 am- 3am
Platinum Tiger Paws
Is that three to four hours or three quarters of an hour, plus 1-3 is two hours
Tiger Paws Tiger Paws
Sorry that's 3 to 4
I go to bed around 11:30 PM and I'm sound asleep by about 11:32.
Tiger Paws Ancient_Hippy
Oh how I wish!!!
Ancient_Hippy Ancient_Hippy
I sleep like a newborn. Lucky, I guess.
Tiger Paws Ancient_Hippy
Usually around 11-12 midnight. I have to get up 7:30 for school
I usually go to bed at 12.30 and read until one o clock, then usually wake about 9am....
Skunky Stinkerson
sometime between 9 and 11PM
I usually hear the sand man calling my name around 10 o'clock. I hardly ever make it past 10:30.
On work days, I try to be asleep by midnight, but if I have the next day off, I stay up until I can't see my screen anymore because my eyelids keep getting in the way.
2300 or later. My wife maintains a child's hatred of "naps".
After 00:00 am