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how many times do you go or have you been...

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Nope. Never felt the need to pay for things that I can do for free.
Platinum BenjiC01
I have my own gym so it is free.....
BenjiC01 BenjiC01
Right now almost once a week.
Platinum amberleechoo
Almost once a week ....lolol
No, I don't. I do some cardio, upper body exercises at home and I walk a couple of miles a day, rain, snow or shine.
No I never do that. I excercise at home or outside only.
Nope, never been to one. I think I get enough exercise on my own. Plus we have a home gym if I ever wanted to use it
dru tiger
I use to go every day but after my car accident last March I haven't been going at all. Plan to change that this month. :)
Nope.  If I ever get the hankering to throw money away, I'll drive down the street tossing it out the window.
Platinum lucythetooth
How is getting healthy throwing money away .....a visit later on, to the hospital might cost a lot more...and for me, the two hours I spend there, costing £5 ...I would spend more money doing something else...
I've been going three to five times a week on average since I was 17 so I probably have been about 6000 times at least. Some days I might only do one light set if I'm not feeling great, I never push myself as I'm not out to be a body builder etc, but it keeps my whole body strong in a way that my regular sports can't completely do especially in strengthening my lower back so no problems there.

I don't belong to any gym.