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Except for a cold I've had for four weeks ...I look foreward to every minute of my life especially spending time with my two youngest grandchildren...
BenjiC01 Platinum
I hope it clears up soon for you John. And I am sure they are looking forward to spending time with you as well.
Platinum Platinum
I hear the baby has arrived so congrats to you and sis....
BenjiC01 Platinum
Yeah, she did. Looking forward to seeing her and her mum soon :)
Not particularly.
Oh well. There is always one.
Judging by the number of votes, I'm obviously NOT "the only one".

If you don't want honest responses, but rather mindless praise; kindly state so in your question.
I'd rather not have you on my questions, thanks.
Can People please not Flag comment unless they are Racist , Homophobic or just really Abusive because Gun does not deserved to be flagged for this comment

thanks Ser
@BenjiC01, I'd rather not have you on my site; but we can't always get what we want.
Ok  both of you just avoid each other and both enjoy using the Site :)
Feel free to get rid of me then, if you can. Until then, deal with it.
Sorry Ser. Moving on :)
@Darkest Serenity - Doing my best. I said 2 words, and look what happens.
I do a little.
Yeah I kind of do.
dru tiger
For some reason I feel the same way. Congratulations on your newest arrival.
BenjiC01 dru tiger
Thank you Dru. I hope the new year treats you and yours well.

I'm an optimist, so, I feel 2016 is going to be the best year ever.

dru tiger MidnightCowboy
Hi MC! I haven't seen you since SH pulled the plug. I hope you had a great holiday!

Today feels like yesterday , tomorrow is another today