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I like to make homemade ice cream from time to time with my Cuisinart ice cream maker that makes a full half gallon.

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Skunky Stinkerson

yes. ice cream is good :D 

I agree.

I don't like to make it but I love to eat it. You make it and I'll eat it.

MidnightCowboy Ancient_Hippy
What's your favorite flavor?
Ancient_Hippy Ancient_Hippy
Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate.
MidnightCowboy Ancient_Hippy
Chocolate is a favorite by many.
Ancient_Hippy Ancient_Hippy
It's been my favorite since I was a little boy and that was a long time ago.

Yes I have my own Ice cream maker but it's hit and miss tbh 

I made Rolo Ice cream and that was delicious but the Banana was  yuk! 

 Just one more gadget that's lost and forgotten next to the George Foreman , the Bread maker , the donut maker and of course the deep fryer    lolz image


Yeah I do sometimes.


I've made ice cream by using 2 coffee cans with all the ingredients in them, then rolling it on the floor between me and one of my siblings for about 30 minutes