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Very strong 3 votes, 25%
Strong 0 votes
Pretty strong 4 votes, 33%
More neutral 4 votes, 33%
Undecided 1 vote, 8%

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Pretty strong
Yeah my accent is less strong now atleast when I´m more used to speak in English. But you can clearly hear for the most of the time that I´m Swedish when I speak.
Darkest Serenity
Very strong
Zolfie Darkest Serenity
mmmm lovely looking lips :)
More neutral
Some people I know on the East Coast tell me that I have a noticeable California/Los Angeles accent, but it's hard to describe. 
More neutral

I was born in Pennsylvania outside of Philadelphia in a rural area so I guess my accent is rural farm boy/Philly slang/Pennsylvania Dutch. "Yo!! I just bought me a Folksvagon wit my Weeza card."

TheOtherTink Ancient_Hippy
Yes, Germans have a hard time pronouncing a V.

My grandfather from Germany would pronounce violin as "fiolin" or "wiolin". :-)
Ancient_Hippy Ancient_Hippy
Yep. Fortunately, I don't have the accent but a few of my acquaintances have the "Dutchie" accent and we constantly make fun of them. They say things like zink for sink, ruff for roof, boughten for bought, etc.
TheOtherTink Ancient_Hippy
Didge Ancient_Hippy
You did that very well. I can imagine you talking like that. Sorta :)
Ancient_Hippy Ancient_Hippy
Gimme a couple of beers Didge and I'll talk like Rocky Balboa.
Didge Ancient_Hippy
Half your luck. Gimme a couple of beers and I can't talk at all. >:-/
Ancient_Hippy Ancient_Hippy
I know what you mean!!
Marianne Ancient_Hippy
Very strong

Very English as I'm English ..hehe

Well, if I let my own accent go as it wants, it can be pretty strong.

If I'm meeting someone new or working, I have no regionalism.

If I'm tired, ye cain't get no more Southern then me.

Pretty strong

Some people here in Arizona can tell that I have an accent that stems from the Mid-Atlantic States.

Pretty strong

I'm an Australian. Of course I have an accent. It's not too broad but it's most definitely there.

I did a breakfast program on community radio for a couple of years and cleaned up the accent as much as I could. That was my bullshit voice. It was probably neutral.

Very strong

Born and Raised In The South Land 8-)image

More neutral

accent? what accent? I have no accent? everyone else has the accent... :P:D

Na, I don't think I have an accent really, if I spend much time around the southern accent, I can fake then listen to it, and sometimes fake it very very well.

Though when I went north, some realized some of my word choices were more southern words that they weren't used to hearing.