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How is this site? Any good? I'm checking it out to see if my friends will like it. :D

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Mar 3, 2016 in Other - Entertainment by JakGoatJumper (54 points)

3 Answers

_ Mar 3, 2016

It's a site that's in Developmental stage but Dan doesn't kick us off when the Developer is working his Magic onsite. 

You may see certain features not functioning correctly but this will be rectified asap.

When something is going wrong with the site , I don't leave members in the Dark and will keep them Updated and they appreciate this.

Dan the Administrator listens to his members and many decisions that have been made so far have involved all of us.

Personally I'm impressed so far and I'm hard to please tbh 

Marianne Mar 3, 2016

Hello, JakGoatjumper - welcome to this site!

JakGoatJumper Marianne Mar 4, 2016

I'll be lurking 


Marianne Marianne Mar 9, 2016

Will you lurk like this?


(there's a hidden animal there)


Kninjanin Jul 3, 2017

I consider it good. 

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