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Dang! Too hot to go out and even use the BBQ more than a few minutes at a time. So?

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Sep 2 in Food & Drink by Rooster (6,945 points)

Do you mind if I just cook hot dogs this week-end? 112 on back patio yesterday. 


2 Answers

Marianne Sep 2

Lol - no, I wouldn't mind.

I would probably have some cold dish, like a mixed vegetable salad (with potatoes or pasta) with a sausage, or some cheese, or a greek salad (with feta), or a sandwich with vegetables and cheese (or fresh cheese), a chopped egg or a bit of meat.




As to sausages, do you prefer Frankfurt or Vienna sausages?



Unless you wish to use your barbecue for some grilled sausages:


Virginia Sep 2

well I myself, I have quite an extensive reading list, with books contributed by Friends with (sometimes) kinda odd names like Marianne, Other Tink and Rooster, so I am always glad for an excuse just to stay inside with my books and my Pimm's Cup!

(A bit o' wishful thinking there...I love Pimm's cup and I even have the gin and cucumber, but rarely indulge these days!)

Marianne Virginia Sep 3

Lol - Virginia, you are thinking first of your friends ... <3:)

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