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Welcome to I've Solved and if you have any doubts about this site then you can ask it here.

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I did not understand the chat system.

I need to create a new account to use?
Support Steven
Its currently under construction and it will start working in few days!
Update: Its working now!

I tried to ask a question.

But an error message:

A Question2Answer database query failed when generating this page.

A full description of the failure is available in the web server's error log file.
Support Steven
Thanks for pointing out the bug
Update: The problem is resolved!
How many points I get for each activity?
Support Steven
Posting a question:      2 points
Selecting an answer for your question:      2 points
Per up vote on your question:    +  1 points
Per down vote on your question:     – 1 points
Posting an answer:      5 points
Having your answer selected as the best:      20 points
Per up vote on your answer:    +  1 points
Per down vote on your answer:    – 1 points
Voting up a question:      1 points
Voting down a question:      1 points
Voting up an answer:      1 points
Voting down an answer:      1 points
Fuzzy Corona
Well, there aren't that many questions yet, and I'd like to be able to be notified when someone comments on one of my posts on the site instead of having my email clogged up.
Support Fuzzy Corona
Uncheck the box before the 'Email me if my answer is selected or commented on' and you will get the notification only on this site.
Fuzzy Corona
It would also be nice to be able to see our comments directly on our profile pages instead of just links to questions we've answered
Where are the rules of the site?
You said I could be banned but I do not know what the rules are.
I just joined, and it is new, so it's hard to judge yet.

I just asked a question about how to post media.  I tried linking a video, which worked great, but am wondering about uploading media, is that possible and if so, how?

Will the site have a block user feature?

Skunky Stinkerson
maybe one day
Fuzzy Corona
I'd also like to be able to upvote or downvote replies
Dan Fuzzy Corona
You can upvote/downvote replies already.
Fuzzy Corona Fuzzy Corona
Skunky Stinkerson
the only thing i don't like about this site is how i can't see my question answers  on my profile .. just links to the questions i've answered.  the site would be so much better if you would change this..

i see someone else commented about this too. im sure a lot want this change too.
Dan Skunky Stinkerson
Some members want that chat box.
some do yes. but for those that would prefer not to have it there.. there should be an option in the account settings to disable and hide it..