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I think it's because Cruz is the real deal.  The establishment believes deep down that they can negotiate with Trump, they know they will lose the levers of power with Ted Cruz.  And what's the point of having a president they can't control?  [sarcasm]


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He is not generally liked among establishment Republicans apparently because he doesn't play along with the corruption to get along.

Budwick TheOtherTink
That's what I'm thinking too!

In my opinion, I think the Republican Establishment does like Ted Cruz.  Cruz caters to the Conservative agenda, hence, the Republican Establishment likes him.

Budwick MidnightCowboy
You are even less aware of what is happening around you than I thought!

Example -  Lindsey Graham: Choice between Trump and Cruz "like being shot or poisoned—what does it really matter?"  Comments like that are typical from republican elites.



Because they cannot control him.  He actually represents his constituents and doesn't play games.

This is a control problem for the RNC, and of course, we have another citizenship problem. 

Yet in all honesty, I'll take a Canadian over a Kenyan any day of the week. 

Kabuki Theater.  Ted has been an insider since his college days, he has just been playing his part is all. :)