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Why are Americans divided between Hillary and Donald?

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May 25 in Politics & Government ✌ by Kninjanin (3,583 points)

I saw some Americans posting about Trump and Clinton. Many of them are extreme. They hate Trump or Clinton and his/her voters. Also, I found some normal Americans who are not obsessed with Trump, Clinton or other US politicians. 

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Virginia May 25

Dear Kninjanin,

I myself don't think either of them could do a good job as president. As for Trump, I think he might have gotten elected through a populism movement here - that people are tired of politics-as-usual, and Trump promised to "drain the swamp."

I was trying to convince myself to vote for Hillary, which would have been more a vote against Trump, but then she pulled the 'dirty tricks' against Bernie Sanders and I just could not see any way I could vote for her.

So I did not vote for either of them. As for the extremes? I wish we could renew the idea of "the loyal opposition," where you acknowledge that both sides want a good outcome, but are divided only on how to go about that - and still treat each other respectfully.

Rooster May 26

I see it almost every day on another website and to be honest? I'm tired of it. I also didn't vote for either of them but Trump was elected, so not much we can really do about it now. I also agree with Virginia that neither of them were qualified to do the job.

But we have Trump until 2020 and I guess we have to make do with it.

Myself? I generally stay out of politics altogether as I've been watching it tear some sites apart. Like A-rite and Choozler. It's a shame too. Then there is A-mug which seems to be nothing but a Trump bashing site.I either stay out of it altogether or leave the site altogether.

The pickings were slim last election but I do believe that Mr Trump has been doing some good and that Hillary would have made this country into a welfare state and much like Germany is now.

Bad topic as I'm getting ready to leave a site because of the constant bickering. Face it! Trump won and Hillary lost. That's the facts. So far? I haven't seen that he's done anything so terribly bad other than having a big mouth!

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