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Can I ask a QUESTION Serenity

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Feb 12, 2016 in Doubts by NoLongerHere (6,142 points)

If you have any questions about this site or any suggestions , then this is the post to have your say 

if I or Amber can't answer them , we shall ask Dan to answer them for you. 

I have a question Serenity 1 vote, 100%
I have a suggestion Dan & Amber 0 votes

3 Answers

amberleechoo Feb 12, 2016
I have a question Serenity

What design of this site do you think would be good? Something everyone would like.

NoLongerHere amberleechoo Feb 12, 2016
@ Amber  This colour scheme is just awful but my taste is Black , Red  , White and that's how I have my Amirite Profile page but I know that's not to everyone's taste.

Unless I was shown a colour chart , then I'm not sure what colours to advise Dan to choose but I know so many hate the theme
CherriViola amberleechoo Feb 19, 2016

I think it's the fact that it is so dull, it just needs to be brightened up, maybe. But it does remind me a lot of Sodahead.

NoLongerHere amberleechoo Feb 19, 2016
Marianne Feb 15, 2016

Thank you, for the link. I might have to reformulate the question, as the other link answered it partly. So, I'll have to wait and see how things function now.

Marianne Feb 17, 2016

Right now, all is slowed down, and the upvoting does not work. But this site is being adapted. 

We'll be patient.

Dan Marianne Feb 17, 2016

Thank you Marianne, we will do our best to improve the site.

Marianne Marianne Apr 8, 2016


You're very welcome. :)

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