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How do you compare it to your former homes?

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Best so far!

I like that the questions are in a line and not spread out everywhere.

This site is more fun than Yahoo Answers and Ask.fm. smiley

I like it just fine. Had fun with the Alphabet song contest ! Good job ! Nice to just have some fun!
Bruno56 Rooster
This is the kind of fun we had on SodaHead.
Rooster Rooster
I enjoy it !
Skip Skip
I just joined about 30 minutes ago. I think I like it already :)
Fuzzy Corona
It's okay, I kinda prefer amirite in terms of design though
Definitely the best since sodahead...
Skunky Stinkerson Platinum
it definitely is. this site makes me not miss sodahead anymore... love it just as much. maybe even more... after trying a good dozen sites... they don't even compare to this one... everything aobut this site is fantastic.
I've been here for about an hour. I'm enjoying it. I like the format. It's user friendly and very simple. Jury is still out, but I like what I see so far.
I haven't been here long enough to make a comparison. Looks good. Promises much. I'm happuy to be a member.
Darkest Serenity

When I joined Amirite and most other Sites I either felt under or overwhelmed but with Dan's New Site 

I don't feel that way.

I was missing many of my Friends on Amirite after deactivating , so I'm really pleased Dan Created this Fantastic Site for US