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Trouble in Sight lolz

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Feb 23, 2016 in Doubts by NoLongerHere (6,142 points)
edited Feb 27, 2016 by NoLongerHere

I want to know how you see this site right now because this is how I see it.

24/02/2016  Update change 

27/02/2016  Update  .........If anyone has the same issue , you click onto your profile page and you click on............ RESET  TO DEFAULTS  and it's FIXED instantly. :) 

I am a Happy Panda  lolz 



If you can post me a screen grab , that would be great if not no biggie just give me a basic description of what you see , this looks awful and nothing to the way it looks when I am signed out ...........thanks Serenity 


7 Answers

Feb 24, 2016
NoLongerHere Feb 27, 2016
Thanks Gun for posting me a screen grab :) , this is how I see the site when I am signed out 
Feb 27, 2016


TheOtherTink Feb 23, 2016

I sometimes get something like that, but it always has been temporary-- one or two refreshes bring things back to normal.   Nor have I seen anything like it today.

NoLongerHere TheOtherTink Feb 23, 2016

@ Tink  it's been like it all day and my Patience is thin today  but thanks babe for joining my post :)

I'm glad you're not getting the same problem 

Didge Feb 23, 2016

Any site will display like that from time to time. I don't know the cause but it's always been temporary. This site has been displaying normally for me today.

NoLongerHere Didge Feb 23, 2016

@ Didge  Purely the purpose of this question , was to find out if members had the same issue and I'm glad to see they're not :)

Bruno56 Feb 23, 2016

Everything is fine for me right now.

NoLongerHere Bruno56 Feb 23, 2016

Good :)

icono1 Feb 23, 2016

This happens to me 'sometimes' on all of the web sites I visit on a very frequent basis. I either back out of the site and try again later but usually a 'reload or refresh' page straightens things out. 

NoLongerHere icono1 Feb 23, 2016

I've been on and off to check several times today , also restarted my Laptop but there has been no change. 

I'm glad this issue only seems to be with me because it would be very annoying to members but thankfully it's only irritating me  lolz  :D

icono1 Feb 24, 2016

Completely normal since the day I joined. It happens to everyone so don't get stressed about it ok, Serenity? I have it has to do with DNS or something, the way your router/internet service provider is interpreting the data seem on the screen. it is temporary but we'll all surely miss you while you're away.

NoLongerHere icono1 Feb 27, 2016
@ BNW  It's irritating , my old Site Sodahead went like this for an hour or so occasionally but it never lasted days 
 I am certainly glad it's not happening for any other members. :)
amberleechoo Feb 24, 2016

It have never happend me atleast.

Marianne Feb 24, 2016

No, I do not remember having seen this kind of display.

But the spelling checker does not function properly, and waiting times (when going to another page) are sometimes long.

NoLongerHere Marianne Feb 27, 2016

@ M  I didn't know we had a Spell checker on this site :) also with posts like your Alphabet Flower post that have many images on , it takes longer to load , I have noticed this myself on song posts also.

Marianne Marianne Feb 29, 2016

@Darkest Serenity

Thank you, it might be an external spell checker; I don't know, but many other users have also similar troubles on various sites, with or without pictures.


NoLongerHere Marianne Feb 29, 2016

@ Marianne   I actually used our Spell checker for the 1st time just now and it seems to be working fine for me but I shall ask others if they are having a similar issue :)

I remember SH could buffer forever at times and I would give up and sign out , their were so MANY glitches on that Site , more so than any other Site I have been a member of.image

Marianne Marianne Mar 1, 2016

Lol - it might be an incompatibility between diverse programmes and systems; it is even worse on FB and some other sites ...:)

What I noted is, that many words tend to be corrected into names beginning with a capital letter (as if you were beginning a new sentence after a full-stop, or a new line in a poem), and that "ist" becomes "ist" - but this latter problem persists since long.

I must also add that I am writing in different languages.

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