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When did you last use a typewriter? It's getting harder to find people who still uses it but I'd like to find out if any of you still use a typewriter or the last time you use it. I would appreciate any answers

I still use a typewriter
After 2010
The 00s
The 90s
The 80s

11 Answers

The 80s

I did own an electric typewriter during the 80's.


I had only seen it but not used.


I think I seen one before in a museum but never used one.

Tiger Paws
The 80s

Sometime in the 80's. 

I still have it.

Fuzzy Corona
After 2010

I have only ever used a typewriter when dicking around in an antique shop

The 00s

I had a nice typewriter that my mom bought for the family in the 1980s.  I think I ended up throwing it away because I couldn't find typewriter ribbon for it anymore.  Also, I definitely could not find typewriter eraser ribbon, so that made that function of the typewriter useless.  It was a Brother.

Darkest Serenity
The 80s

Was always breaking my Nails and that really annoys me , the Keys would get jammed , the Ink would fade or blot and I don't miss them at all .

Thank God for Technology and it's advances 


The 00s

At a summer job

In 90's 


I have never used it.