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I got mine somewhere in the early 90s

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Fuzzy Corona

2010, I was 14

It was about 12 years ago.
Sean McDonald

When I was 16 


It was around 1997 or so.


I was 11 when I got my first one in 2006. I don't recall the name, it was one of those cheap flip phones with no internet capability. It was really only given to me in case my parents needed to get ahold of me. Family was about all I ever called or called me on it... 

My first smart phone was a Palm Centro in 2008 when she upgraded to a iPhone. Then her2,3,4,5

My first smartphone not a hand me down was 2 months ago. A iPhone 6s

Think it was 2008 when I was 13. The first was a flip phone.

I was a bit behind the trend, in 2005.

19, I believe.