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The text editor that was installed in January doesn't allow you to upload images...you can only link to them from sources on the web.

I don't know why Dan doesn't just turn the old one back on for now...until his new one is ready.


Hopefully it will come back. It might be a reason why we it isn't added back yet.

The Great and Powerful Oz has not seen fit to bestow such a power upon us.


You know, I've been finding that out, too (on the extremely rare times I actually use it...I normally use my PC, which I'm doing now), not just on here, but on any website, even Facebook.  I've been wondering about this, too, but never got around to asking about it.  That said, I'm glad you asked about it.  I'm sorry that I don't have an answer or a solution.  I'm just experiencing the same problem.