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Non-American movies.
Amelie from Montmartre (French) 3 votes, 27%
The girl with the dragon tattoo (Swedish) 2 votes, 18%
Cinema paradiso (Italian) 0 votes
Battle royale (Japanese) 0 votes
Indian summers (English) 0 votes
City of god (Brazilian) 3 votes, 27%
Downfall (German) 0 votes
Let the right one In (Swedish) 1 vote, 9%
The hunt (Danish) 1 vote, 9%
Other 1 vote, 9%

9 Answers

City of god (Brazilian)
City of God

Made in my Country
ajmsituation Steven
Fantastic movie.
The hunt (Danish)
I really liked The hunt. I watched it together with my schoolclass. And I have also watched Downfall and Battle Royale of these movies in the list. And of the movies I haven´t watched in the list I would be the most interested in Let the right in and Indian summers.
The girl with the dragon tattoo (Swedish)
I think the girl who played lizbet in the Swedish version was edgier than the one in the English version.
ajmsituation Caitlyn
Haven't seen it yet, but it has been in my Netflix queue for ages. I really need to make the time...
City of god (Brazilian)
City of God is an amazing movie.
Darkest Serenity

There are so many World Cinema movies that I like but this is one of my faves 

Amelie from Montmartre (French)

Swedish version of Dragon Tattoo.....I've read all the books, and watched both the U.S. & Swedish version.  For the record, Rooney Mara & Daniel Craig win out.  Can they please make the other ones?

Amelie from Montmartre (French)

A favourite of mine is Amélie

Let the right one In (Swedish)

I love this movie.  It's such a cute movie, but I won't spoil it for those of you who've never seen it.  Yeah, it has its scary moments, too, but it's more cute than it is scary.

City of god (Brazilian)

Just guessing