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If it works fine then I don´t feel like that.

Roy Munson

no, I have an iron gut.


I bought a bag of Milky Way fun size bars last week.  I tasted some of them and they had a tough texture to them.  I then examined the bag and found out that the expiration date was 12/2015.  I was furious.  I did not take them back because I had thrown away the receipt.


Yes I just did it a few days ago grabbing stuff for a bad snow storm we were having. I bought chocolate and strawberry Pop-Tarts. I am usually a fanatic about looking at dates on everything. The strawberry ones all good until December 17 or worst of all but the chocolate ones expired 2 days ago they actually had a faded grainy taste which prompted me to look at the date and sure enough. I'm the guy that buys Halloween candy cuz I know it's fresher than the candy in the candy aisle at Halloween time. So it bothers me if it's still good for 6 months but there is fresher stuff good for 10 months..


Not a major problem.

Far more stuff sits in kitchen cabinets or in the back of the fridge until WAY past the expiration date. :ermm:

Yin and Yang

I am an oddball..... I have a habit of checking expiration dates and even squeezing canned foods and pressing the "pop up button" to make sure it is completely sealed. I found one label that was placed over an OLD label and that one burned me up inside! Also the one where I found expirired baby formula TWICE! I took that one to corporate! That's messing with babies! Not all mom's are weird like me!