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Yeah! I'm going to watch the skill the guy has that is coming to trim my Queen Palms as they have gotten big and I can't get to them. Should be something to see! 



Not like the ones in your clips. 

But wouldn't it have been easier for that guy in the second clip just to make his powders by hand with a hand-size rock?  :O :ermm: :D

Dan TheOtherTink

He is lazy to do that :D

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink

:D :D


The second clip reminds me of a Stirling engine.  :)


Dan, what I picked for you is the riggers climbing the spar tree at the Deming Log Show in Deming, Washington. It's a benefit every June for 'busted-up loggers,' your body just gets worn out over the years of using it SO hard...

People come from far and wide to see this stuff, all the unbelievable strength and skill of logging! Oh and btw, women do this too...run up the tree...not many of them, and they are never as fast as the guys (I think because women have a different center of gravity) but everybody loves the lady loggers and cheering them on!

TheOtherTink Virginia

Wow. Just wow.  :)

Virginia Virginia

Good morning O'Tink

TheOtherTink Virginia

Good morning, Virginia. :)