Do you prefer to pay your bills OnLine, in person, or by snail mail?

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Jul 2, 2016 in Banking by MidnightCowboy (26,138 points)


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Dan Jul 3, 2016

I prefer to pay online.

MidnightCowboy Jul 3, 2016

I always prefer to pay OnLine but sometimes I do have to use snail mail if the option to pay OnLine is not available.

amberleechoo Jul 3, 2016


AncientOne Jan 4, 2017

I prefer snail mail. For some reason it helps me keep track of my expenses. Now I have notice that many companies are making it rather difficult and expensive to use snail mail. If you don't pay on line and you request a monthly statement they have begun to charge $3 to $5 for the paper statement. Also instead of a week to 15 days from receipt of the bill to its due date they are now making  the due date seven days from estimated date of receipt.

TheOtherTink Jan 4, 2017

Snail mail, to minimize the chances of having my bank account number hacked.

Didge Jan 4, 2017

On line. Always.

Starchild Jun 16, 2017
Paying in person may not always be as convenient, but it is the method that leaves the most control in the hands of the individual, instead of ceding that power to big institutions (the postal service, companies running websites), who often demand a cut, or impose other conditions on the transaction which you may or may not want.

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