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e warned about this fairy and now I see why ! Everywhere he goes, people leave.

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What cowardice to create a hateful post about another I HAVE SOLVED member!  

You got caught taking a dead Marine's photo and making a statement that the photo was yours.  

People don't leave a Website when the truth is told.  No one leaves a Website where honesty prevails.

Hitman MidnightCowboy

Cowardice ? You piece of trash. I served my country for 25 years and you can't handle that. My mistake about the wording on the photo . I should have been more clear. That man was my idol and tutor !

You call me a coward again and you'll find out why my username is what it is. Either knock it off or I'll rip into your pansy ass good !

Great site with maybe four people? You should hear what they say about you on Amirite ! It's a good laugh.

You wouldn't know honesty or truth if it stared you in the face.

Go ahead and flag away coward!

To: Hitman

You know you did wrong with posting that dead Marine's photo and claiming it was yours on this Website.

Who is going to believe anything you say after you placed someone's photo on here and claimed it was yours?

Absolutely no one on any other Site laughs behind my back or has anything derogatory to say about me because I don't engage in name calling and I don't use profanity toward any members.  Everyone respects me.

Your username can't intimidate anyone since you are now guilty of "stolen valor" and everyone has seen the proof with the deceased Marine's photo that you posted claiming it was yours.  

Stolen Valor is cowardice along with creating a hateful post about another I HAVE SOLVED member.

Hitman MidnightCowboy

Who really cares? It's just a lame website and I really could care less what anyone believes. Don't kid yourself, I've seen and heard all kinds of things about you! I'll be moving out in a couple of weeks and just might make a side trip to Arizona. You're the coward, butt slammer !

To: Hitman

Instead of creating a cowardly post about another I HAVE SOLVED member, you should create a courageous post by stating that you did something very bad today and took a photograph of a deceased Marine and claimed that the photo was of yourself.  

Hitman MidnightCowboy

Up yours ! I sure don't take any orders from the likes of you.

To: Hitman

Rude comments don't help anyone who did something wrong.

Hitman MidnightCowboy

You deserve them ! You think you're King Shit of Turd island ! Got news for ya ! You're not. I'm sure, like an old woman, that you'll have a splendid fag response. Knock yourself out !

To: Hitman

Hate Speech - Reported

Hitman MidnightCowboy

Good job !  I'm crying already !

xix MidnightCowboy

Dude, he got his name from a movie about a male whore. Do you really give a crap what he thinks?


We can spend our time to bring happiness to the people around us. No more hate speech.

MidnightCowboy Dan

Agree!  The hate speech was horrifying.

xix Dan

Hate speech, is a relative term and usually based solely on the views of the person hearing it (and not the one saying it).


See, I would consider the above cartoon "hate speech". Midnight Cowpoke, would not.

Hitman Dan

Outstanding ! Sorry you saw this. My Marine mouth goes off here and there with jerkoffs like this one.