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It's good to see CarbonProduct on this site! He was one of the good people from AM. There aren't very many left there!

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Jul 2, 2017 in Miscellaneous ♑ by Rooster (10,796 points)

Welcome Carbon Product!!! 


3 Answers

Virginia Jul 2, 2017

Hello and welcome, Carbon Product!


carbonproduct Jul 2, 2017

Hi ya Rooster. Always nice to see you. Im a female by the way. lol I cant stay on AM for long periods of time because its just not my cup of tea if you know what I mean. I miss the old AB. I was there for almost nine years. But this site is pretty nice, especially since your here. ;)

Rooster carbonproduct Jul 3, 2017

Sorry about the "he" part! LOL.

carbonproduct carbonproduct Jul 3, 2017

Aw its ok Rooster, you can call me anything you like as long as you call me. ;)

Rooster carbonproduct Jul 4, 2017

@carbonproduct : :D :D :angel:

Marianne Jul 3, 2017

Hello and welcome, Carbon Product!



carbonproduct Marianne Jul 3, 2017

Why thank you very much Marianne. ;)

Marianne Marianne Jul 4, 2017

You're very welcome, Carbonproduct - lol. ;) chuckling and :) smiling.

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