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Then I come home to 1 degree cold! But I still love it here much better than Maine.

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Perfect were I live. The max temp today should be about 25°C. Summer is due to return next week.


It's 31 deg F right now, with light snow this morning. Not at all bad for this time of year. :)


It is 21 degrees F this morning and just the beginnings of a light snow.


I told you that you should have moved back to California! Lowest I've seen here was yesterday at 28 degrees.


Today, it has been, generally between -10 and -15 °C, and at best, between -5 and -7°C.

We'll have more snow tomorrow.

Mountain Man
Right now it is 12 F at 5:00 am EST. It is suppose to reach 22 F today. 

LOL, I shouldn't have said anything up above.  The temperature went down to 15 F last night with 20 mph winds, for a wind chill of about 4 F, pretty cold for around here.  :O

Tiger Paws

It got down to 22 here.  That is too cold. But, temps are going back up back in the lid 70's by Wednesday.


Actually, for a couple days recently, it was insanely too warm around here in New Jersey.  I even had the air conditioner on because it felt like Spring.  Needless to say, I was NOT happy at all about it feeling like friggin Spring in what's supposed to be the coldest month in the coldest season of the year.  Temperatures all season keep going on a roller coaster ride...too warm, average, too warm, average...and so on and so on.  It's no wonder I keep getting sick.  One day, I need the heat on.  The next day, I need the air conditioner.  I recently had a bad sinus infection and needed antibiotics for it.  Why can't it stay cold when it's supposed to be cold?  It seems to almost always stay warm when it's supposed to be warm...and even beyond that time frame.