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Cricket is spreading even to the tribes in Africa but why Baseball is limiting itself to USA?

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Baseball is not limited to the USA. There are professional teams around the world. (Don't be confused by the US baseball calling their finals the "World Series"   It is not, It is the US/Canada series.


There are also amateur teams in many countries. And semi-pro teams. 

Cricket spread with the British Empire, and when the Brits left, cricket remained.

Dan Korvo

Yeah, there are countries like South Korea which can play baseball but Cricket is the second most popular sport. Now, its getting popular even in poor African and Asian countries. Has the Baseball federation taking any steps to spread the game?


Good question. Like Korvo said, there are mostly U.S. and a couple of Canadian teams but your question does make me wonder why it hasn't spread around further. Maybe the MLB commission feels that it has it's hands full with what they have. Good question that I'm going to have to research some.

Marianne Rooster

Well, baseball has its world championships too, but they speak more about cricket, of course:


and the USA and Canada are not alone - you might be surprised.