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Internal Q&A websites (for scientific and military research, experiments and communication) existed certainly before Internet became the international network system linking various regional and specialised networks for professional and personal communication in all domains, but little is known in this regard.

As for the oldest Q&A websites, here's a link:




Some of the oldest Q&A sites seem to be:




Kninjanin Marianne

Thank you!

Marianne Marianne

You're welcome, Goranko. :)


Maybe Ask.com as it was created in 1996 but I know of many others that are no longer around.

Kninjanin Rooster

Probaly, Ask is the oldest.

Marianne Rooster
Skunky Stinkerson

My first Q&A was Yahoo Answers back in early 2007. Second was Sodahead in 2013-2015, Blurtit 2015-2017.... now this site and Answermug...  my fave out of these? well... Sodahead no doubt..


Www.dontaxme.com. Have no idea when they built that damn site and don't give a shit either.


2010. Microsoft Q&As. It was a Beta experiment for Q&A sites, one of the firsts. It went well for a while, then it got carried away with the Code of Conduct rules and started feeling more like a communist ruled country than a community website. Needless to say, lots of people were kicked off because of moderator infractions and the site closed down. Most people moved to Answer Bag then 10 years later, IT closed down. Now , there are a scant few left, mostly not like those of the past, but things change and Im getting use to the change. I do miss my old friends however.