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Yep.  :angel: :D
Fortunately, he's not here any more.  :D :D :D

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I have an Ego in as much as I try to be the best I can be

I'll strive for what my heart desires    

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Number One left this site a while ago. LOL...rode his horse into the sunset.

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It happened, not coincidentally, on the day Trump got elected, at least on Ami rite. :D


Yes, several - lol.



Rooster, according to KILLING THE RISING SUN by Bill O'Reilly, apparently General Douglas MacArthur had a big ego. His ego created tensions with President Truman, and when Truman fired MacArthur, Truman's popularity ratings tanked.

So here, this very great general, his ego affected the course of the Korean War (for example, the contentious decision not to go into China), and arguably changed the course of U.S. history.

* I would be interested if you have any opinions there, if you have studied that.

Rooster Virginia

Hi Virginia: From what I've read over the years? MacArthur had a huge ego and made many military blunders before and at the start of WW2. But he was Roosevelt's favorite and Roosevelt listened to almost every thing he said. When Chester Nimitz and MacArthur presented their plans for the war in the Pacific? Roosevelt chose MacArthur's plan. Which history has shown was slower but less bloody than a Central Pacific plan. MacArthur was much more familiar with the Oriental thought at the time than anyone else.

After Roosevelt died, Truman quickly started putting the stops on Mac and pushed Nimitz's plan harder.

Truman did not like MacArthur and he states it in his book and was jealous of his popularity among the American people at the time. But MacArthur's ego led to a near disaster in Korea and that gave Truman an excuse to rid himself of his nemesis for good.

MacArthur was a great General and his great deeds far outweigh his mistakes. To me? He is one of America's greatest heroes.

Think of what the world might be like today if we had let loose Patton on the Russians and MacArthur on China. Too very similar type men.

Virginia Virginia

Rooster, I can myself remember when Truman removed MacArthur; and I was only six years old.

Although everyone was shaken, I don't remember Truman being harshly criticized; here in rural Washington State there was great confidence in the government then...people believed in the democratic process SO much, including civilian control of he military..but definitely shocking.

Virginia Virginia

Hi Dan,

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