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What the the ideal temperature do you like? 

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Easy one for me! I love Summer as I love to swim! 95 degrees on up is fine with me. Very little humidity here. 


Ideally my perfect temperature would be 70 degrees. I do prefer winter over summer though....hot chocolate,  comfort food and crisp, cool snow ❄⛄


I like especially spring and early summer - with the lush vegetation, its many flowers and their bustling, coloured inhabitants.



The temperatures should not be too cold.

Right now, we have too low temperatures during the nights (around 0 °C), and our cultures are suffering.

TheOtherTink Marianne


Marianne Marianne

Very nice: it goes well with the picture.


I like summer because it is not cold.

Summer for me.  Ideal temperature would be about 75 F or 24 C.


Most definitely summer! I really dislike snow and cold and walking around with layers and layers of clothes!


Dear Dan,

That for me is a very conditional answer. If I am here in Southwest Washington where I was born, the Pacific raincoast, then no doubt summer...all three days of it, coming usually in August; pure sunshine no rain, maybe 80*F (this is local joke, our three days of summer).

If it's Arizona, where i camped in the Sonoran Desert over Christmas/New Year once, then def winter; temps down to 32*F freezing at night, but clear every day and the solar sun quickly warms your tent up to 75*F, where the daytime temperature peaks!


I like summertime, it cheers me up, and everything is in full bloom.  People are out late in the evening, and everyone seems to be happier.