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Are we becoming cyber-slaves?

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May 12, 2017 in Computer Networking by TheOtherTink (21,060 points)


5 Answers

Rooster May 13, 2017

Wait a minute! It doesn't work like that! 


Virginia Rooster May 13, 2017

Oh Rooster that is SO funny...Glitter Booger?

Marianne Rooster May 13, 2017


Lol - :D:D:D !

Virginia May 13, 2017

I do not know, O'Tink, but I will say that I am always glad to see that question asked...

...because the wonderful capacity of computers to extend our human potential, we do need to take care that WE direct THEIR evolution, and not vice versa. 

In the waning months of, a young person came up with the question of what did people DO with themselves before computers...well, the oldsters came out of the woodwork for THAT one! Pages and pages of wonderful activities I recognized but had all but forgotten about...

I use computers daily and love the convenience, plus the world-wide potential of the Internet - but still glad my formative years were pre-digital.

TheOtherTink Virginia May 13, 2017

@ Virginia

I even use the public library, since I prefer reading from a real book rather than a Kindle. :)

Marianne May 13, 2017

They speak of addiction, and it is dependence and slavery.



And we can look for the strangest Internet names - most are taken, or you need a number .... and/or symbols:


for instance "verisimilitude" - which reminds of the - err - veracity of certain recent news.

Kninjanin May 13, 2017

It is true.

Fuzzy Corona May 18, 2017


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