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I could never be a politician! I wouldn't be worth a damn as I'm not a professional liar! :D

Angela_Anthony Rooster

Lol! That's a good one, right along the lines of public speaking!


Angela, I am sure there is SOMEthing, somewhere, that I am not all that good at...however, I simply cannot think right now what that would (sniff) possibly be...;)  :D

TheOtherTink Virginia

Are you sure, Virginia?

(see my answer below) :D

Or is there something you haven't been telling us about?  :O :) :D


I couldn't be a porn star.

I'd be too embarrassed.  :blush: :blush: :blush: :D

Virginia TheOtherTink

O'Tink, I think you found it, my Achilles heel...the ONE THING I would not be good at!

Angela_Anthony TheOtherTink

No, me neither...I wouldn't want my dad or his friends to see me nakey!:D


Well, I'd rather say that I would feel terribly awkward in certain situations or jobs; well, I think that like T(h)ink, Virginia and Rooster, I wouldn't like to be a pornstar, a sex worker or a lying politician (who probably was lied at too) - lol.



Being a pilot! Too scared to even be a passenger and not at all calm, cool and collected.

TheOtherTink Tinkerbell


Oh, I'd LOVE to fly in one of these:

Um... admittedly, it's not entirely without risk (watch the first minute or two; the pilot wasn't hurt) :ermm:

Virginia Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell, your idea of a pilot...my father had a tremendous sense of humour (along with some acrophobia), and he told me sure he would go up in an airplane - so long as he could keep one foot on the ground...


Any kind of communication period.

Virginia Ladyhorse

Dear Ladyhorse, 

I cannot agree...especially that last question you posted here on SOLVE, it was so poignant and beautiful...exquisite expression and deep communication.