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How can I find a Memorial Day Parade filmed in 1969?

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Jun 30, 2017 in Miscellaneous ♑ by Ladyhorse (352 points)
edited Jul 1, 2017 by Ladyhorse
I was not a member of Tidewater Western Riders but was invited to ride in the 1969 Memorial Day Parade with them. I am trying to find pictures for our daughter. I tried Google but seem to go in circles and TWR is no longer in existence. I know it was filmed because I attended a showing of it later that year.

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TheOtherTink Jun 30, 2017
Ladyhorse TheOtherTink Jul 1, 2017
Thank you for trying!!
TheOtherTink TheOtherTink Jul 1, 2017

YW, Ladyhorse!

Marianne Jul 1, 2017
Ladyhorse Marianne Jul 1, 2017

Thank you for trying!!

Marianne Marianne Jul 2, 2017

You're very welcome, Ladyhorse. :)

Virginia Jul 2, 2017

Dear Ladyhorse,

I don't think I have any more ideas than the ones you have already tried...1969, but perhaps you can still get lucky because more people are saving old mementos now, maybe!

Rooster Jul 2, 2017

Perhaps if this address is still correct? You could write to any surviving member and maybe someone has the archives for the organisation. Maybe. Otherwise, I couldn't find but bits and pieces.

Tidewater Western Riders Foundation
1624 N Muddy Creek Rd 
Virginia Beach, VA

Ladyhorse Rooster Jul 2, 2017

Thank you.

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