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Why was my level reduced?

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Aug 3, 2017 in Miscellaneous ♑ by Ladyhorse (352 points)

Dear Dan,

I only want to know why I was demoted from level #7 to level#2.

3 Answers

Rooster Aug 3, 2017

I just looked at your profile and it said you were a level 3 "Loudmouth" ! :D To be honest? I don't think anyone really looks at those or really cares. Kind of like the $5,000.00 Dan owes me. Hate to see what he owes Tink or Marianne!

Ladyhorse Rooster Aug 3, 2017

Virginia used to be @ level 3 now she's been upgraded to 5. Maybe no ones really cares but I felt it was some kind of retaliation from an earlier incident. I only wanted to know why? I was on chat with Marianne and sort of chuckled about my going from Innovator to Agitator. She advised only Dan could do that. I wanted to discuss this with him behind the scenes but there is never an opportunity. I clicked his star but he doesn't return the request. I see him here and login but he leaves. 

Dan Rooster Aug 3, 2017

This is how the level increases:

Level 9 - Not yet set (Do you want more levels or modification in the level system?) :D

  • Level 8 - Critic - 12,800 points & above
  • Level 7 - Agitator - 6,400 points & above
  • Level 6 - Activist - 3,200 points & above
  • Level 5 - Idealist - 800 points & above
  • Level 4 - Debater - 400 points & above
  • Level 3 - Loudmouth - 200 points & above
  • Level 2 - Innovator - 100 points & above
  • Level 1 - Beginner - 1 point
I can see, you have 203 Points, was it higher before?
Dan Rooster Aug 3, 2017

TheOtherTink Rooster Aug 3, 2017

@ Dan,

Wait a minute

To correctly follow the pattern set between Levels 2 and 5 (i.e., doubling for each new level) , Level 6 should start at 1,600 points, not 3,200. Level 7 should be 3,200, Level 8 should be 6,400, etc.

Following the correct pattern, it would require 26,214,400 points to reach Level 20 (Guru) status. That's a LOT harder than SodaHead, which only required 100,000 points for Level 20.  :D :D

Dan Rooster Aug 3, 2017

Then users get it easily and attaining more levels will be stopped. May be we can add 100 levels: Warrior, Racer, Ring King, Blaster Master, Cyber Ruler, Mr. X, Master Chief, Undefeatable, Mr. Big, The Boss, Doctor, Enlighter, Superstar, Problem Solver, Celebrity, Player, Points Bee......? :P

TheOtherTink Rooster Aug 3, 2017

@ Dan,

There was a rumor on SH that there was a Level 21, but no one had reached it by the time SH shut down, since it required 10^9 points, or something like that.

I think no one except MC had even gotten close to that number. :D :D :angel: :D :D

Dan Rooster Aug 3, 2017
TheOtherTink Rooster Aug 3, 2017

@ Dan,

Oh yes, I forgot about Sister Jean. :D

But the rumor was that she was more than one person, perhaps members of a fraternity house. :D :D :D

Marianne Rooster Aug 3, 2017

Hello, Ladyhorse - I hope that all these explanations and suggestions will bring a smile to your face and a good chuckle.


Oh, I just noted that if you are downvoting or being downvoted, you lose 1 point (per downvote), but if you are upvoting or being upvoted, you gain 1 point (per upvote).

Marianne Rooster Aug 3, 2017

Lol - as I see, there must have been a confusion with the names.


TheOtherTink Rooster Aug 3, 2017

:angel: :) :D

Marianne Rooster Aug 4, 2017

Lol - :O:angel::D:D:D!

Ladyhorse Rooster Aug 6, 2017

Dan, I don't know if my points were ever higher. I just know I was at level 7...maybe that was the end of July. I assumed once you reached a "level" you stayed there. I never noticed the few I follow ever being lower. It REALLY is no big deal. I just thought I was demoted for some reason. I didn't know it was monthly accumulation. I don't care about points. I'm not on here enough and don't participate enough to race for the most points. I didn't understand how the point system worked. I asked about it after I first joined but never received a reply. I never worried about it until I thought I was being punished for something.

My goodness I didn't mean to start such a ruckus. 

Dan Rooster Aug 6, 2017

Ladyhorse, yeah ok. I just don't know how your level went down.

Ladyhorse Rooster Aug 6, 2017

Okay Dan, thank you for your reply.

Dan Rooster Aug 6, 2017

If the receiver has received it then can't.

Ladyhorse Rooster Aug 6, 2017

Dan, I'm so sorry I removed what I asked you and made it a question. 

Kninjanin Aug 3, 2017

I don't know what happened.

Virginia Aug 3, 2017

Hi Ladyhorse,

I just found how the point system works, and you get points whenever you post a question, or an answer, and then even more points when someone clicks a thumbs up, as I just did for Rooster, Kninjanin, and also I clicked the box to the left of your answer. 

I feel REALLY confident that Dan would not purposely change anyone's points...the software does it automatically! But if it's possible, I will gladly give you all my own points, because I am just glad to see you coming online with us a bit more. 

You know lots of interesting things, and I always wish you well with your health.

Ladyhorse Virginia Aug 6, 2017

Hi Virginia,

I thanked Dan for his reply above then asked him another question. Then I thought, "Oh, I could ask that as a question here" so I removed it...BIG MISTAKE because as I was posting it as a question, Dan answered me so I had to respond to his reply to clear up confusion. This all happened around midnight here & I was trying to deal with a problem. Oh please, a thousand apologies. I'll try not to do it again,,,

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