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It's Happening Again! Old People Dying For The Profit Margin...What's Going On?

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Aug 9, 2017 in Society & Culture by Virginia (7,565 points)

When I moved into these apartments, I noticed some of the same predatory policies as Iowa; but I thought it was not as bad. However, one of my dear neighbors has just passed away, because of profit margins...

It was heat exhaustion; we are having a streak of 90 - 95*F days. Well it turns out the owners here did not replace the old insulation when it had to be removed, in order to save money. And tenants are forbidden to install their own air conditioners, because of the electric bills.

So the apartments are getting very hot, up to 130*F...and Sunday, the inevitable happened; someone died. 

I just cannot believe this could happen, this is America! I helped my housemates write a letter...but from experience I know the corporate owners will aggressively turn the blame back onto us. I have been trying to read more about Section 42, the tax credit program created with a big profit potential to entice corporations to invest in low income and senior housing...keep your old folks out of tax credit housing!

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Rooster Aug 9, 2017

That's horrible! I've read some lately about deaths from the heat here and in Nevada. I don't have much experience with apartments nor owners but I hear people griping about things in them all the time!

I'm sorry Virginia but to me? It just looks like society just doesn't care anymore and it's every man for himself. You would think enough complaints to the right government agency would help by sending out someone to inspect these places and enforce housing rules. One thing that California is pretty darn strict about.

Again another sign of elder abuse and no one doing anything about it! Maybe it's time for the elders in your area to just march and protest at the proper building and get some news coverage of this. That might get them off their lazy butts to do something!

This really irritates me Virginia.

Virginia Rooster Aug 9, 2017

Rooster, one small hope since I posted neighbor talked to a fire marshall here in town, and he will try to help us. He is calling in a building inspector.

Too late for my neighbor Dale who died, but I hope it helps the others here.

Thank you for your concern; I have apparently just been living in my own circle of friends where things are normal, and until I ran into that weirdness in Iowa (and got evicted), I did not even realize all this callousness was coming into our country. 

TheOtherTink Aug 9, 2017

That anything like that should happen is unconscionable.

Aren't there laws against that?  It's like people freezing to death in the winter because the landlord didn't supply heat!

It's too late for your poor neighbor, but aren't there air-conditioned senior centers or libraries nearby that people can go to until a solution is worked out?

Virginia TheOtherTink Aug 9, 2017

O'Tink, THAT was the instruction from our management, but the nearest mall or movie is a 20-mile drive in a hot car. There IS a tiny library, with uncomfortable chairs, primitive rest facilities at all, even if Dale had been able to get down the flight of stairs and walk the four blocks to get there (which he was not able to do). And this heat is well into two weeks long.

 Also, the man who died had an application in for a ground floor apt. because he was unable to negotiate the flight of stairs (no elevator). But he was passed over at least four times (rumour has it), by management, ignoring his pleas (and his doctor's written request to management). 

So he died, and we are stunned; however based on what I saw in Iowa, I am the only one who is not surprised.  A contingent of tenants took my letter, signed by ALL of us as a petition, to the mayor, fire dept. and city council last night, who seemed receptive. 

So we will see what happens. Meanwhile, DO NOT put your own family elders in Section 42 tax credit housing.

Marianne Aug 10, 2017

Virginia, I am absolutely horrified!

I heard about lots of shady practices, especially in the domain of real estate or housing markets, and there have been lots of abuses (the so-called up-scalings, driving off people from lower income classes or elderly people) and shady practices are going on everywhere - since long.

Here in Europe, the housing shortage has caused a rising number of "year-round camping places" or mobile mini-houses, appartment communities (which might work for students for a limited time span), and still more homeless people.

Residential buildings and zones at reasonable prices are becoming rare or lack essential services and facilities:

You might have heard of the ecological trends allowing to save energy (passive energy), water (closed loop systems), temperature regulation and clean air with plants, etc. But most of these environmentally friendly systems have been monopolised by big interests and turned into luxus residences.

And even a vertical forest cannot replace a natural environment and its biodiversity.

Additionally, retirement and nursing homes for elderly people are too often involved in abuse scandals:

There are also all these medications from the big pharma industries, "fashionable" treatments, cures and therapies, which go against dignity and seem to use elderly people more as test persons, or as consumers of over-priced items said to improve their comfort or mobility.

Virginia Marianne Aug 10, 2017

Marianne, I especially appreciated the article from India...but the Bosco Verticale? I almost wonder if there is a typo, because the article says the price is in the range of 3,000 - 12,000 euros per square meter, which works out around $8,000 per square meter; which seems absurdly high!

The year 'round "camping places;" I always appreciate your point of view because of the opportunity to compare notes between here USA and Switzerland/Euriope.

Marianne Marianne Aug 13, 2017

Yes, sadly enough, ecologically friendly projects could be realised at reasonable cost, but with the fast and big profit sectors, such sustainability must become exclusive and expensive to drive the lower working classes away from the "territories" of the rich and mighty ones.

Virginia Marianne Aug 13, 2017

Understood (sigh). @ Marianne

Marianne Marianne Aug 13, 2017

Yes, Virginia - sigh shared ...

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