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No, I don't use Viber.

I think that this system is useful for iPhone, Android and similar systems for text, picture, video and voice communication - especially for professional purposes:


But being permanently "connected" everywhere at any time is not so good, especially, when, for instance, families, friends or couples, instead of sharing a good time together, are constantly interrupted by messages and calls.


Kninjanin Marianne

I started using Viber. I see that Viber is more private than social networks. While I was using Facebook, I was being bombarded by messages, notifications and video calls.

Marianne Marianne

Yes, it might be more private, but is it really safer than the other systems ?

Kninjanin Marianne

Hackers are everywhere.

Marianne Marianne

Yes, of course, thank you, Kninjanin.


I have not even heard of Viber, Kninjanin. A few years ago I signed off Facebook as I seemed to see so much hacking. 

So I am glad to know about Viber, that there might be a good alternative to Facebook!

Kninjanin Virginia

Facebook and other social networks are very opened. Anyone can search profiles and hack them.


Never heard of it and am not really interested. Was really glad to get an e-mail this morning from my son saying that he quit that Similar Worlds place. That's the sickest site I've ever seen.

Sorry guy, just not really into websites and such anymore.

Virginia Rooster

Sorry to hear that you have more or less given up on Q/A websites - but don't blame you!

Rooster Rooster

@Virginia : This is the only site that doesn't have drama every day. I still check out A M irite here and there but not too much. I'm done with them. I'll stick to Moderating on the gaming Forums. No BS and no drama or sickos! Maybe one day someone will have one that actually has Mods that do their job!

Virginia Rooster

I do hope so Rooster...if you find one without drama and other strange things, I know you will let the rest of us know.