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Some Weird Signs and Notices

On a ski lift in Taos, NM: 'No jumping from the lift. Survivors will be prosecuted.'

Official sign near door: Door Alarmed. Handprinted sign nearby: Window frightened.

Road sign seen on the island of Cyprus (translation of the Greek): 'Caution: Road Slippery from Grapejuice'

A sign advertising a Company wide skiing race: Let's see who can go downhill the fastest.

Sign in King's Canyon in California. 'Slow Parking Ahead'

A billboard seen next to the highway, travelling from Johannesburg International Airport into town.
An Ad for BMW showing a photo of a BMW 328i convertible with the roof and all the windows down. The caption reads:' Our hardware runs better without WINDOWS!!!'

Two signs found on top of one another in a country kitchen several years ago: Restrooms to the left. Please wait for the hostess to seat you.

Seen in a health food store.
"Shoplifters will be beaten over the head with an organic carrot"

"Children left unattended will be towed at parents expense."

I went to a little hole in the wall restaurant: the sign read: Women are not served here. You have to bring your own.


Link: http://www.ahajokes.com/ads08.html

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Good ones! :D :D


TheOtherTink Rooster

:D :D :D

Marianne Rooster

Lol, Rooster - excellent!




In a park in Germany, I saw a sign that said "Gehweg" (one word, pronounced GEHweg), meaning a footpath in this context.

Beneath it, someone had written, "Warum?", meaning "why?". He was making a joke, as if the sign had read "Geh weg" (two words, pronounced "geh WEG"), meaning "go away" literally, but more in the sense of "get lost". :)

Marianne TheOtherTink

Lol - T(h)ink, outstanding!



TheOtherTink TheOtherTink

Thank you.  :)

Marianne TheOtherTink

You're very welcome, T(h)ink - all of you have been adding inspirational laughs.

So, we got four winners.



Marianne, in this time of political divisiveness I usually make a point to try not to take sides...but I saw these two signs, both a good chuckle...then a third one for libraries!!!




TheOtherTink Virginia

But, but, Virginia, not everything in the library is true either:P

Virginia Virginia

O'No, O'Tink! Not ANOTHER disillusionment....too much, too much...:'(  :blink:  :sick:

Marianne Virginia

Lol, Virginia - wonderful - :D:D:D!


Virginia Hitman

Hitman, I laughed and laughed...

Marianne Hitman

Lol - Hitman - super :D:D:D!