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Character limit?

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Oct 15, 2017 in Fun & Humor ☻ by Ladyhorse (352 points)


Is there a character limit for questions? Could it be this is why my latest submission is not posted the way I intended? It posted properly in the private messages to Marianne and Virginia.

Thanking you in advance,


2 Answers

TheOtherTink Oct 15, 2017

If you copy your text (from Word, say) and paste into a comment, a whole bunch of apparent gibberish appears as well, along with a notification that you have exceeded an 8000 character limit, when you try to enter your comment.

You can correct this by carefully highlighting and erasing the gibberish, leaving just the desired text, which you can then post without difficulty.

Marianne Oct 15, 2017

Hello, Ladyhorse.

I had the same problem, also with the signs and orders appearing after an entry.

Remember to paste your text on the previously opened text box (see bar above and click on the symbol of the written sheet, and for pictures, use the framed picture, click and then paste the URL into the opened box); I tinkered around this way and then corrected posts and comments after their entry, as they come out in a block.

But Dan knows certainly a better solution.

Ladyhorse Marianne Oct 15, 2017

It might be a good idea to install a character count so that can be monitored? I guess it's really not worth it for just one twerp. 

Marianne Marianne Oct 15, 2017

Ladyhorse, you best let Dan explain that to you; it is not the character count - no need to install one; it is the system (Dan did some upgrading, lately), and there are sometimes compatibility problems, which cause these error alerts, when users arrive with older systems.

And remember to use the paper sheet symbol to paste copied textstexts.

Ladyhorse Marianne Oct 15, 2017

I'm sorry Marianne...not familiar with this: "...paper sheet symbol to paste copied textstexts." 

Marianne Marianne Oct 16, 2017

Oh, sorry, Ladyhorse, I could not explain it to you well enough.

I'll have to look for a list with the different symbols or icons with their definition (I couldn't find it yet).

Ladyhorse Marianne Oct 16, 2017

That's okay, Marianne, I don't have Windows or Mac and I think I recall that symbol on Windows??

Marianne Marianne Oct 16, 2017

Yes, indeed; the symbol is also on windows.

Ladyhorse Marianne Oct 16, 2017

Just for the record, I tried to edit again. When I select "edit" the window pops up with the proper spacing and it appears fine. I removed the "gibberish" twice but when I select "save changes" it still posts in an "all-one-piece" paragraph. I think that makes it too difficult to read.

Marianne Marianne Oct 17, 2017

Oh yes, Ladyhorse, it is not enough to remove the "gibberish", you have to enter manually all the paragraphs (and or corrections) and arrange the display, as you do it on your documents.

Then you can save the corrected post.

My posts always come out as a block first, which must be organised into paragraphs, and I correct them at once.

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