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I really like females from Asia and Africa. Sometimes, I see them in Belgrade and I like to look their beautiful faces. Once, I saw two attractive black females in bus and liked them. They were so beautiful. I found some females from Southeastern Asia on Internet and I think they are very beautiful. 

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Of course! After almost 9 years in S.E. Asia? I saw some beautiful ladies. Absolutely stunning! As I also spent almost a year in East Africa? I also saw many beautiful exotic women there also! There are beautiful women all over the world! Here in the States? I see beautiful women of all types and wish I was younger again.

But I will admit that I still have a strong desire for S.E. Asian women. They are stunning! Even after all these years!


Beauty is not a question of nationality, origin, ethnics, language, era, culture or social ranking.

Check the list of the women considered to be or to have been the most beautiful of the world and check their nationality or origin:



Additionally, there's no accounting for tastes, i.e., what's beautiful for you might be weird or ugly for somebody else.

And even the most beautiful rose must wilt away with time, but the soul and the spirit remain.

And Kninjanin, don't forget that beauty alone is only the outer package. Look also at the inner beauty of other people.


Of course.  Beauty can be found in all parts of the world.


Rooster TheOtherTink

You betcha! :P


Dear Kninjanin,

Yes I love to see how women all over the world express their femininity in unique ways...until around the age of thirty most of my friends were men, but then suddenly idk why, I began making more women friends and now I take great joy in women friends of all cultures!


Yes and Yes.

Marianne Tiffanee

Hello, Tiffanee! That is wonderful; welcome back!