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I'm Free! Ever had anything happen recently that made you feel free and happy?

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Jan 15 in Fun & Humor ☻ by Rooster (10,796 points)

I'm finally free of a very domineering person and website and it feels good!

4 Answers

Marianne Jan 15

Congratulations, Rooster.

Enjoy your recovered freedom - like happy Friday! .


TheOtherTink Jan 15
dru tiger Jan 17

Yes, but we miss you very much over there. That one ruins everything she touches.

Image result for cat looking out the window image

Virginia Jan 19

Rooster, not anything recently...but back in the day, long ago, I recall making decisions (to leave a job, for instance), that I could actually feel the relief flowing through me...

Actually, I think the last time was in Iowa 2014, when I made the decision to force the unethical corporation to evict me; even though I was physically numb with fear at the same time it was a great relief.

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