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Am I dumb or not? I accepted a mod's position on another site and I'm seeing what a big mistake I made.

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Oct 25, 2017 in Miscellaneous ♑ by Rooster (10,820 points)

I should never have taken it but someone convinced me to try. I never realized how dumb I can be sometimes. Ever had that feeling? 


4 Answers

Marianne Oct 25, 2017
No, Rooster, you seemed to listen to your "volunteering side", like many others - including your friends, who wish to help (or need help to help), or to do something useful.

And remember, many righteous people who believe very strongly in a cause or mission, are easily manipulated, radicalised or misinformed, and they don't realise it - or only too late:

We all know more or less that this is very current in business, trade, politics, work, cultures, performances, education, religions, justice, bevahiour, welfare, societies, etc. - at all levels.

And: every "system" has its black sheep and its scapegoats.

Virginia Oct 25, 2017

Rooster I have been waiting to see how it went...and it is just very difficult to find a Q/A site that works well. You have mentioned now and then you wonder if the Q/A sites are fading out, have run their course.

Do you care to share any specifics of what is not going well on that site? No special reason; I am just interested in the dynamics of the Q/A websites...

* * *

And to answer your question, it is YES, I have had the feeling of being totally dumb...I am certainly in the running for one of the world's most gullible and trusting people...I never seem to learn...actually, I guess that is how I want to live my life, I don't want to get closed off to people...

Rooster Virginia Oct 25, 2017

@ Virginia: I will e-mail what that place is really like. Some real hard core trollers there and like blurtit? I don't get any support from the Super Mod! 

Virginia Virginia Oct 25, 2017

Well I am very's discouraging!

TheOtherTink Oct 25, 2017

No, you're not dumb.  It's just that saying no can sometimes be a problem.  :angel: :)

Kninjanin Oct 27, 2017

When someone thinks about moderation, he should be very careful. Websites and forums have  too many members and moderator needs to know every member well. It is not an easy job. You should think about offer well. Website owners didn't trust you.

Rooster Kninjanin Oct 28, 2017

@ Kninjanin : The only time it seems the owners don't trust you is when you want to leave the job. Then they want nothing to do with you. I have established a good rapport with the owner of this site and some members here also belong to it.

The owner of blurtit only banned me because then he had to actually work the site himself and he doesn't care about the site or people, only the money he makes from advertising.

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