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Dear Kninjanin,

I appreciated the interesting link about Facebook, and pretty much agree with it! And as you already know, I did eventually cancel my account there...

However, I found several delightful contacts on Facebook, mostly people who loved the poetry of Rumi! One woman in Jamaica, a few men on the eastern seaboard of the USA who actually taught his poetry. So Facebook could have been very wonderful as far as I see, but there were so many problems with it that it just was no longer worth it! It has been easier for me to exchange ideas and information with people on the Q/A sites, but yes lots of difficulties there, also. 

But you and others here on SOLVED, I like you all and very glad to have met you and know you!


Kninjanin Virginia

There are many problems on Facebook and other social media: hackers, fake people, scammers, spam, fake news... 

Virginia Virginia

Yes! All of that, Kninjanin, and even more difficulties too...FB a wonderful concept, but did not work (so far as I can see).


Sounds about right! Yes, it's an old article but still all true. Take a look at this site and you'll see plenty more about a lot of sites.


Then type in Facebook. More stuff there about it than I could even begin to read.


I don't like Facebook either.  That's why I never used it.  :)


True; there are lots of trouble-makers, extreme groups, spammers, scammers and even worse there, but there are also pearls, useful links, news and treasures of pictures, ideas and knowledge waiting to be explored.

I would say that Facebook is a wonderful tool that has been misused and misunderstood by too many people with varying views and aims - on purpose or by accident.

That does not mean that it is bad; it means that you have to take a closer look at things and "separate the wheat from the chaff".

There are still lots of good people there - you simply need to discover them, by taking some precautions, of course.

And - a huge, too sophisticated "metropole" might be worse than the normal jungle ...