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I would like to see more users on this website. I don't know if Dan tried to find new people and invite them to join. I remember that I saw this website on blurtit (on Rooster's profile). I joined to ihavesolved.com when I saw a link to website.

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I try all the time and many are already on this site but just don't use it. They gripe about another site but I can't seem to get them to just come here. But I'll keep trying. At the moment, I'm having problems with the site and can't use all the functions. I hope this gets fixed soon.

I am trying; but quite a few are already here, and they are either very busy or might have a bit forgotten about their account here. Additionally, some are on too many different websites and cannot follow up everywhere.

Many of the younger users are surfing on other sites with more gaming and - probably - more "animated" discussions, but they also complain often about trolls and other, less pleasant "matters", which occur on various other, much bigger sites.


I don't know if Twitterers who follow me would join. I shared many websites on Twitter but my followers don't join.


Yes, but most of the people I know already know about this site.


Kninjanin, I have tried a little bit to bring in others...since I am age 73, most of the people I know are not on the computer very much, if at all. However I have tried with people I met on other sites; they come for a little while, and then seem to leave again. 

One person from Blurt, PepperPot, she tried to come but was unable to open an account here, some technical problem I suppose!

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I know Dan looks over our answers, so here is an idea for Dan, also maybe to see what others think: One person here wanted to be able to use more profanity, so Dan turned off a filter - from Google I think! But that meant this site got de-listed somehow, do I have that correct?

Well, that person is not here anymore, so could Dan turn on some profanity filters and get this site listed in more places? I use profanity occasionally but would not miss it...or I would just put @ for 'a,' things like that to get past the filters if I REALLY wanted to sound off...  :)  ;)  <3  :D

How about it Dan? Would that help us attract more traffic?

What about someone goes to sites like Amirite for example to ask around?