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I used to read too many stuff on the internet and there were times I felt depressed absorbing too much information. Have you felt the same ? 

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Ha! Many times! I help design graphics and do coding and help build patches and updates for a large English PC gaming firm, plus I moderate on the Gaming Forum almost every day. The difference with me is, since I've been retired? I really enjoy all the stuff I have to read and study to help produce a quality strategy game. But I know what you're saying as one website I belong to kind of burns me out with the drama all the time but that's when it's time to lay down and read one of my many books. Very relaxing and soothing to the mind.

I took this week-end off from the gaming site after we finally released our newest game on last Thursday. TMI! LOL



Yes. I feel it when I log in on social networks. Every second, I see 50 new posts. Social networks, especially Facebook, bombard with notifications and some users bombard with messages.


Dear Anna,

The answer to your question is YES, although maybe in a slightly different sense than you are asking...

I have used the Internet to research some of my more difficult life experiences recently, things that have to do with greed, mostly. And I learned that greed here in the USA, at least, seems to have taken over in places like the medical profession, even our government. 

So that was quite depressing for a while, however as I explored more I also learned there are lots of people trying to get the USA back on track; some are even skillful! So I post lots of questions about that here on SOLVED, just to see what people here think, what has been their experience! People here also (like Other Tink) are very good at discerning where you need to be skeptical, too. 

So overall, for me the tsunami of information on the Internet has been a positive experience.


Yes, sometimes... but then I try to separate the important from the unimportant.