The creation of Scotland?

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When God created Scotland, he looked down with satisfaction. He called the Archangel Gabriel over. "Look," said God, "This is my best yet. Splendid mountains and rivers, beautiful scenery, brave men, fine women, cool weather, beautiful music and I've given them a special drink called whisky -- try some."

Gabriel took a sip. "Excellent. But haven't you been too kind to the Scots?"

God replied, "Not really. Wait until you see the neighbors they're getting."

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Kninjanin Jun 18

Funny explanation! 

Rooster Jun 18

Ah, good one Tink! :D :D :D

Virginia Jun 18

Well in my study of history, THIS really explains lots of things...:P

I think this joke dates back to William Wallace... :P

Virginia Virginia Jun 19

Well I had to look up William Wallace (1270-1305)...yes the neighborhood proved truly horrid. What a hero...and Wikipedia records his height as 6'5" 1300?

Wonderful Robbie Burns tune, I saw it was nominated for the national anthem, came in close second...and clearly, meese not the only ones for whom things gang aft agley.

Freeranger Jun 18

step back.....and mind the pleats

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