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Street performers, anyone?

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Aug 8 in Fun & Humor ☻ by TheOtherTink (21,068 points)

Take a look at the juggler, starting at 2:31 of the clip below. :O

Now in fact, I don't think he is really playing the keyboard with the bouncing balls, because the same note sometimes sounds at different impact positions, but it nevertheless is a remarkable feat of synchronization. :)

2 Answers

Rooster Aug 8

Cool video! It is pretty remarkable at that!

I wonder if it ever occurs to the first guy in the clip below that there might be easier ways of making a living? :ermm: :) :D

Virginia Aug 9

Enjoyed both of these, Tink!

And for an easier way of making a living, well I worried about the sword swallower who meanwhile was juggling...ouch, don't want to make a quick move there...

Yes, Virginia, that's kinda risky too.  Maybe his sword is very dull and very flexible?  :ermm:

And I wonder how long at a time the fiddle player balances on the slack wire before he gets off to take a rest?  :O

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