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This is something that needs to be addressed when possible. I usually can vote once on twice before it says to reload the page but that doesn't work either.

Take a look when you can Dan as I'm not the only one.

Thank you.

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I have no idea Rooster. There wasn't any recent change on this site. I will try to fix it. Please bare with it.

Rooster Dan

@ Dan : I know you'll take care of it when you can. It only started doing that after your last overhaul.

We'll live! :)

Dan Dan

Hope you are doing good after the surgery. :)

Rooster Dan

@Dan: Yes I'm doing pretty good now but have to have a Quadruple bypass in a couple of weeks. Hate getting old! LOL

EternalSailorSol Dan

Hope that you are getting better. 

We all dislike getting older.

Get Well Soon.


I cannot upvote replies to answers. 

I don't know, either. 

It is annoying when I can't do a thumbs up for example.